6/14/17 -Welcome, to Me. Rab.

Hey there! I’m Rob. Some friends call me Rab. Or Bobert. Or butthead. Thank you so much for stumbling across this blog. Now I need to hook you in. See that picture down below? There’s your hook. I’ll even give you a second to scroll down and look. That handsome devil is me – a 30 year old trying to become the best version of himself. Don’t be fooled by that picture though. I may look like I am radiating confidence but I am a worrier, terribly sensitive, and always torn trying to do the right thing. I’d like to share with you real life and uncensored stories that I experienced in this roller coaster of a ride called life. By doing so, I hope to not only inspire but, to remind you that we are ALL human and that we ALL have similarities (as well as embracing our differences!). I’d like to also open dialogue with you, the reader(s), to create a space for positivity and laughter. If we can laugh at ourselves, we’re golden.

Listen, the truth is, I’m an odd duck. Nice guy. But, a little odd. And sometimes, I beat myself up over this. I stress out if I have plans on both Friday and Saturday night. I put ketchup on everything. In fact, I just went to a BBQ last weekend, and my friends family questioned why I would ever put ketchup on grilled chicken.  Is that THAT weird?! The end of the second season of ‘Digimon’ still makes me weep. I like dudes, bike riding, and iced chai tea lattes. I over think everything. Should I ever dine with you, please put me near a window or door. I freak out in situations were I feel stuck. Give me leg room, and arm room, and torso space, in fact, let’s just eat outside.

At this point in my life, I am sick of surface leveled relationships. That rant above about me, that was me making myself vulnerable.  And boy, I tell ya, MANY people are not good at that. Vulnerability is a muscle. Let’s work together on that. Anyway, surface leveled relationships: the ones where you kinda put on a act….the ones where you are hesitant to be your authentic safe because you KNOW that someone will say something….the ones where you have to fit a paradigm of what the OTHER person thinks of you so not to ‘rock the boat’.

My twenties were full of boat rocking and my life is very different now from what it used to be only 7, 8, 9 years ago. I am STILL trying to break some habits and patterns….but, that’s life right? Growth doesn’t happen overnight.

My writing isn’t necessarily the best. You can probably tell from this first post. It’s truly all over the place. I just went from ketchup, to Digimon, to freaking out in windowless restaurants.

But here’s to STARTING. I will hopefully create some doodles, videos, and self help entries for your enjoyment.





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